Coworking Coffee Break #0

by Fab
When I quit my job in Tokyo in July 2015, I wanted to go on an adventure trip.
I would create a startup to help people work better and everywhere. I would visit coworking spaces around South-East Asia, work and feel inspired in them, and interview their people.
It had begun two years earlier, when I started developing a platform to help digital nomads or local people find the best places to work in a city. Places with good coffee. I called it Coworking.Coffee.
Originally, it was designed in English and only for Tokyo, because frankly, it’s a nightmare over there, wifi is so hard to find. It quickly expanded to different languages and places all over the world, due to user submission and friends’ contributions.
At first it was a hobby and became a project I really wanted to succeed.
In the meantime, I had been reading and thinking a lot about digital nomads and the crowd of friendly people working while traveling, or the other way around. Life seemed so easy and they seemed so cool.
I had planned a list of countries I wanted to visit, and coworking places I wanted to feel the vibe of. I sent a few emails, got recommendations from friends and advisors back in Tokyo. I was even expected in several places.
In October 2015, I set sails.
This series of articles is not going to help you travel better or be in the 10 amazing best coworking places in South-East Asia.
It is about ideas and concepts to build communities around coworking. It is about places and people building cool workspace to make their community alive. It is about traveling and working at the same time, looking for good places to contribute to society.
It will take you through a wide range of workplaces: coworking spaces of course, but also business centers, coffee shops and hackerspace. I will introduce you to their communities in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
I want to present to you the builders and managers of these places. I will explore their stories, how they got started and how they are still developing their workplaces and communities.
See you tomorrow for the first stop of this trip at Hubud, in Bali, Indonesia!