Why CoWorking.Coffee? (a.k.a. the page where you scroll)

CoWorking.Coffee is a website for nomad workers to find and share the best workplaces all around the world, with great environment, coffee and wifi.

We believe that the work environment will be nomadic in the near future. Laptops, smartphones and the internet allows people to do their job anywhere at any time.

We want to help remote workers to find, compare and share the best workplaces to do quality work, wherever they go, while enjoying great coffee.

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When arriving to a new location, you can browse the map to find the workplace closest to you.

With our search tools, database and recommendation engine, you can find the perfect place to work.

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We want to connect people. We work as a community with
digital nomads, startups, mobile workers and students.

Contributions are highly appreciated. Help others, help yourself!

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If you think something is missing,
we will always listen to you.

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Every day we are growing and updating our workplaces.
We work with lots of different styles:
coworking spaces, coffee shops, libraries, bars...

In you own such a place, you can even get certified for free.

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We are a small team of folks building Coworking Coffee working from around the world!

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Denis Caisin

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