Coworking.Coffee was a project to find and gather all the coworking communities of the world under one virtual space.

It has been shutdown.

You can still follow our adventures:

About Coworking.Coffee

It started well, with a strong community of hundreds of users from all over the world contributing to listing and reviewing thousands of coworking spaces, communities and other funky places to work from.

We even got some interest from the tech community and joined two incubator programs.

We met extraordinary people along the way, shared lots of collaboration and ideas around coworking.

For us, it was the future for work.

Thank you all for your support all these years. Thank you for being there.

Our coworking space community managers and creators interviews will remain online on Medium.

You can also take a look at our lessons learnt/autospy/post-mortem:

Lessons learnt

À la prochaine,